KDE Conference India 2020: A very late post

Due to my ongoing internship, college exams and this sudden pandemic situation in the country, I never got time to write down my amazing experience of organising conf.kde.in 2020. Now, that I have got some free time in my hand, I can resume my post writings and start with this very post.

KDE India Conference 2020 was successfully organized in Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology. It was a three-day event, from Jan 17 to Jan 19. There were talks about Libre, Open Source Software and how software is developed using C++ and the Qt Framework. Hands-on workshops were also organized on C++, Qt and QML which gave attendees a good start on how to start their journey with C++ and Qt Framework. The conference was able to educate 200+ attendees throughout the conference. Refreshments were provided to all present for the conference on all 3 days. Every day of the conference concluded with dinner at various good places in Delhi with all the speakers, organizers and volunteers.

KDE Conference India: Day 1

The event was managed by the team of volunteers who worked diligently and with complete discipline to make this event a marvellous success. A big thanks to them that the conference was executed in such a smooth manner. Organizing the conference was fun!

Looking forward to the next successions of conf.kde.in!


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