My First impression at PlaMo

How Plasma Mobile got my attention?
I remember how my admiration for android turned into disappointment when I got into android development. The realisation, with every new release the patches are built on the broken pieces of android was disheartening. And the water crossed the line when the whole system started disrespecting the users privacy!
Then, I fine day (mid-January 2019) I came to know about Plasma Mobile. When every other attempt at creating an open source mobile platform on the horizon failed, KDE came along with Plasma Mobile. So how could have I resisted to not to using it!
I purchased refurbished Nexus 5X, and here we are today:D

Currently Plasma Mobile is supported by very small number of devices. It works quite well on Nexus 5x (Bullhead). For installing PlaMo on Bullhead you can follow instructions at

My asseveration
Operating Plasma Mobile at console level is just like working on Ubuntu/Kubuntu terminal on desktop, and I usually prefer using my PlaMo using Command-line Interface (CLI) because most of the functions work well when controlling via CLI.
Either you can use ‘Konsole’ app for that or control your phone remotely from the computer.Since the Konsole app isn’t very handy as for now, I prefer the second option.
ssh phablet@
Plasma Mobile is very much an alpha-level product. It can’t be used for daily purpose as of now. But, it is really appreciable that the KDE developers have managed to take a Linux desktop, re-frame it around mobile hardware, and make it work quite well.
This could be something special!

PS: I do not intend to say Plasma Mobile is a full operating system itself (just like Plasma on desktop is not a complete distro). It needs an underlying OS.


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